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Too Good to Be True

Posted by Jeanette Juryea on August 26, 2006

I met a guy online who lived in California. (I live in Ohio) His profile sounded nice and his pics were great and when we started talking he said the sweetest things to me and got me all excited – the way I wish my husband would. Eventually he gave me his number and I bought a prepay cell phone so I could call him without my husband seeing a phone bill. So we spent a month talking. We even started going further than that, but over the phone if you know what I mean. It was exciting. He described his house and how big it was and how I could move out there and not have to cook or clean for anyone. And he would make me feel like a queen.

So I started saving every dollar I got my hands on – even moved some money out of our joint checking account without my husband noticing. I planned on leaving him and moving to California. We have two kids. I love them but they’re so much work. I could stay here and get lost in motherhood, or I could go out there and be spoiled by someone else for the first time in my life. I must have been crazy or having a midlife crisis or something because I actually did it! One day I bought a plane ticket and I did it. I moved to California.

He met me at the airport, but when we got to his house, it was a nasty little trailer! And he took all the money I brought with me and he made me do all the cooking and cleaning. I felt so stupid. I had to scrape up money again to find my way back home. It took a long time because he wouldn’t let me control a penny. After a year, I made my way home again but my husband filed for divorce. Now I live alone and my kids hate me. I only have to clean up after myself. I’m still online (obviously) but I don’t meet men this way.

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