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Cowboys, Guns & SASSNET

Posted by kygans on October 5, 2006

            A few months go I was just finishing up purchasing all the firearms needed for me to be able to ‘shoot’. I’d been two years at it now, with one ‘back-up’ rifle needed.

            ‘Flint Westwood’, one of the earliest members of SASS, was retired from the shooting, but not from SASS and was liquidating a portion of his collection of guns. Luckily for me I just happen to be on the SASSNET line when I noticed his ad to sell his Model ’92 carbine, and it was in the caliber I was gathering, .44-40.

            I contacted him, he informed me all that there was to know about the Carbine, and we talked dollars. I was about tapped out and asked for a time payment deal if possible.

            ‘Flint’ not only agreed to a time payment plan to make it possible for me, he, recognizing my financial straights, lowered the price, paid for the shipping and handling of the gun and extended the time I asked to purchase it!

            The Carbine arrived three days later, and it was the most smooth action, ready to shoot rifle in my arsenal! This Carbine has been his since he started shooting SASS stages way back twenty years ago. It looks like a century old Carbine and in perfect working condition with the smoothest action any Carbine could possibly have.

            “Flint” used it to win the ‘championship shoot’ I believe he said, in 1993.

I still have not been able to get all my stuff ready, so much to do in my life at this time, but I now have all my guns. I still would not have, if not for the kindness and consideration and the willingness to help out a fellow Pard, when he needed it most!

            I have named the Carbine, “Ol’ Flint”.

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