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So Your Mom Wanted You To Date A Doctor?

Posted by kygans on October 5, 2006

The dating service called….sorry “cool” shaved head guy needs to re-schedule. Sure, no problem I can reschedule for a “cool” shaved head physician. We finally meet for dinner. He shows up and he is NOT “cool” shaved head physician. Instead it’s tall, creepy smile, albino looking person. Please help…I’m starting to clam up. OK, I can do this, it’s just dinner. Let’s make conversation….so I ask “what area do you…” and he interrupts “what’s my specialty?” Yes, you arrogant S.O.B. what’s your specialty? Pain management, imagine that! I’ll need that after this dreadful date. Please toot your horn some more…”I’m going to Europe, play guitar and sing at my church, and did I mention I’m a pain management physician.” Please Mr. Shaved Head Creepy Physician I’m begging you to climb back into your Audi and take a ride back to the mortuary!

Jennifer Trott, aka Jenny-Dates-A-Lot

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