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Wild West Meets Middle East

Posted by kygans on October 5, 2006

       A few short months ago, a member asked if any SASS members might have guns worn out or damaged, unserviceable for shooting, so that he might purchase them and hang on a wall for decoration. His spouse and he were members of a SASS Posse and he was home from Iraq but his wife was serving in Iraq. He was remodeling their ‘family room’ and wanted to have it done in Western  theme for his wife when she returned.            Many members offered information as to where he might get ‘reproductions’  in realistic form, that would be so much cheaper. All were also offering prayers and praise to both for serving our country.            He spoke of the fact that as soon as his wife got home, he would shortly thereafter, have to return to Iraq, serving his second or third term there. His job there is to disarm road side bombs (IED’s) when discovered!            That was enough info for me, who has never served in the armed forces, but all my family has including my own children. I was determined to help with this project.            I replied in the forum that he may have the collection of reproduction Western handguns I bought several years ago to decorate a home I had sold. The pieces were wrapped and stored away for four years plus and were probably never again going to be hung on my walls, so I asked his address and sent them to him so that he would have the wall at least partly done to surprise his wife. Some other SASS members saw my reply and followed suit.            I received e-mail photos of the walls a while later and a most thankful e-mail along with them. I am sure all who contributed to this wall, received as kind of letters as I did.            What a small contribution I and other SASS members made for two people who regularly make the ‘ultimate contribution’, laying their life on the line daily, so that we all are able to enjoy our lives, our families and our great hobby!   Thanks for the opportunity to mention the goodness that exists out there among the SASSNET family.                                  Remus O’Dell                                       

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