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A Girls Gotta Eat

Posted by Jeanette Juryea on November 17, 2006

A Girl’s Gotta Eat


Sure I have time to get out there and meet guys, but you kind of get tired of the same-old same-old from bars. Although it has its advantages. Once when I was in college, I went into a bar with $15 in my pocket, had about 7 drinks with 7 guys, and left with $25 in my pocket. (I don’t know how that happened. One of those unidentified drunken moments that I’ll never quite understand.)


Anyway, when I started my first job, everyone in the office raved about so I thought I’d give it a whirl. “A great place to find professional guys!” And they are mostly professionals who, at first, seemed like they were so busy with their jobs that they didn’t have time to get out there and meet girls. So they cut time by meeting online and then jumping right into the date. But later, I realized something different was going on.


As you review the profiles and pics, you wink at someone, or otherwise show interest, or they might do the same. And that gets the ball rolling. Then we’d talk online and, after we feel comfortable, we’d exchange phone numbers. And then after a phone call or two, we’d decide if we want to meet in person. We’d arrange a typical date – dinner, a picnic, a ball game – whatever seemed like fun.


Sometimes the guys are great and I would like to see them again. But they don’t seem interested in a second date. Sometimes they are interested in me, but I find them to be losers – or more commonly, egotistical maniacs who can’t stop talking about themselves. (For one date, the only time the guy seemed interested in any facts about me – was when he asked where I lived so he could pick me up.)


So it seems all I have are a whole lot of first dates and I started to think about my experiences and how the dates ended and what might have gone wrong. Then the light bulb went off in my head and it occurred to me the “I’m Dating” category really means “I’m looking for sex” – at least to the guys. And if I don’t give them sex, then they don’t ask for a second date. But that’s okay. I can play that game too. I’m in grad school now and I’m as broke as I ever was.  I get a lot of free meals out of these bozos. A girl’s gotta eat!

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