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Tell Us Your Story

Posted by Jeanette Juryea on August 26, 2006


By taking the time to read this you’re becoming part of one of the most unique book writing projects ever created.

We are a team of six writers from the Philadelphia area, all from different walks of life, thrown together by Jonathan Maberry, award winning author of the chart-climbing new thriller Ghost Road Blues, to write and publish a non-fiction book. We’ve set out to write what will be the authoritative work on the subjects of love, sex, relationships, dating, business and community as they relate to the Internet. By collecting and sharing stories around the world, we’ll show you how the Internet has changed these worlds for some, while altogether opening them for the first time to others.

The Internet has affected every aspect of our lives. Perhaps the most profound change has been the way we connect with people. This transformation is here to stay – for better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness or in health. This book will explore how our relationships have evolved, the powerful psychology behind online relationships, and how to survive in the virtual jungle. The Internet can help you find true love – or it can be an avenue of temptation to cheat on your other half. It can open new communities for those isolated by age, infirmity, disability, illness or prejudice – or it can alienate you from the real people in the next room.


Cyber Connections Cafe is the forum by which we collect stories and develop the book. The six of us meet regularly to discuss the stories. Our website is still under construction, but once it’s unveiled, you’ll be able to spy on us during our weekly meetings and catch a sneak peak at the book in the making. (We’ll keep you posted.)


How has access to the internet changed the way you date, find friends, business partners, sex, or reach like-minded people across the street and across the globe for support and understanding?

Do you know someone who found the medical miracle they needed for their child or the soul mate they’d always been searching for?

We’re interested in your personal experiences and those of anyone you’d care to invite to contribute.

Funny, sad, scary, weird, hopeful and miraculous – together we’ll see it all.


Choose a category from the sidebar to your right that best fits your story. You can add your story as a comment to any post on those pages. Periodically we will move a story from being a comment to being a new posts.

A couple of things –

We will change any names, dates or places that you might mention in your stories before making them part of the project.

This is not intended to be a forum for lashing out or hurting anyone.

While some of the tales may have racy content, please exercise good judgment in your contribution.

Stop back often to enter contests, check on our progress, and listen to us vent. We will keep you up to date as we progress closer to final publication. Feel free to provide links to your own site or blog. We’d love to help others build their buzz.

Thanks for taking the time. Now tell us your story!

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