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Charlotte’s Web Mates

Posted by Jeanette Juryea on August 26, 2006

After getting out of a 6 year relationship, I was not meeting anyone and I am not a big bar scene person. I would go out dancing with friends and never met anyone because my friends and I were having too much fun together. And it’s hard for everyone to meet peole, but sometimes I think it’s harder when you’re gay – maybe it’s the smaller percentage of people available. Or maybe it’s my imagination. Anyway, I signed up at and met some really great women, but not too many I wanted to see again. I finally met Stacy and she was working out of town from Monday to Friday. I guess we met online at the beginning of the week, chatted a bit and met on Sat. night for our first face to face meeting. We had a pretty immediate attraction and Stacy was not going out of town that week so we saw each other a lot that first week. One thing led to another and she moved in and we were together for about 2 years.

Unfortunately, we parted ways and I decided to try this time around. Again I met some fun women but none that really matched what I was looking for in a partner. I found this one profile online that met most of the things I was looking for such as religion, being a professional and sharing some other common interests. I had my friends, Cindy & Jill, read the profile and they agreed I should answer it. I did but the woman was such a great writer that I was really intimidated and only wrote a very short e-mail. It took her about a week to answer my mail and that was also a very short answer, which I thought showed she was not too interested. I asked her in an e-mail what her AIM/Im name was so if I saw her online I would say hi. She told me and on a Thursday or Friday night I saw her online and said Hi. She was online chatting with her best friend and invited me into a private chatroom. We all three chatted for a while and then Rose said she had to go let her dog out. I continued to talk to her friend who was pumping me for info and then told me they were going bike riding on the bike path Sat. morning and invited me to join them. I agreed to join them and we met early Sat. morning in Manayunk. Both Monica, Rose’s friend, and I were riders but Rose was brand new to riding. All three of us started out together but on the path only two can ever ride side by side. Rose and I were chatting. (When Rose tells the story, she says I talked a lot which I do when I’m nervous.) Neither one of us was impressed with the other at all. I figured it was just another bad match – someone who only looked good on paper. The next thing we knew her friend was so far ahead of us we could barely see her, then she passed us going back to her car, saying she is meeting someone for lunch and has to leave! Rose and I go out to lunch in Manayunk, again not to thrilled with one another (but, hey, a girl’s gotta eat!). At lunch Rose reminded me of the party she and Monica were having for Monica’s birthday that evening. I ask if I can bring my friends, since I wasn’t sure about going alone. My friends and I go, and Rose was not there yet because she had her High School reunion that same night. Everyone at the party was asking if Rose was coming to the party and if she really existed. I thought that was weird but whatever – people are strange! Turns out, the people at the party were people Rose and Monica had been talking to online but hadn’t met in person yet. Rose got to the party around 9:00 and everyone goes to say hi to her. Everyone except me and my friends, that is. Cindy, Jill and I just keep on eating the snacks. After everyone is finished saying their hellos, I walked up to her and say hello with a nice smile. It took her a few seconds to figure out who I was and we spent the rest of the night talking to each other — so much so that the others were a little annoyed at her ignoring them. We all went to a little club nearby to dance. Rose and I really connected that night, and she drove me back to my car. We then began seeing each other and have been together for over 2 years now. We just had a new house built and are moving into the house in a week!

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