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The art of online seduction

Posted by Jeanette Juryea on August 26, 2006

This is a GREAT topic for a blog! In the spirit of all happenin’ blogs I’ll do my best to keep this one fresh daily. It gives me something to shoot for!

The internet has really enabled me to have sex with more women than any man should be able to fit into one lifetime. I heard Wilt Chamberlain banged almost 20,000, but I wonder how many of them were multiple women in one session, how many were quickies before and after games and how many of the 10K he actually had to seduce. Not difficult for a seven foot black pro athlete, but still, there’s an investment of time when seduction is required.

So how does a five foot eight inch, forty-five year old white guy from Harrisonville, Virginia have Wilt’s record in his sights? The Internet, baby!! The internet!

AOL chat rooms, Craig’s List,…the list goes on and on. These portals to like-minded, nubile, promiscuous babes have enabled me to get laid at my whim for the last twelve years. Each provides a different experience, but the end result is always the same.

Enough background.

I chatted up a co-ed, Elizabeth, from UVA for about a week. She knows my screen name from other girls around school, but since UVA is only holding a summer schedule, most of her friends are gone for the summer and she’s been bored and without a boyfriend.

Without getting into much more background, I’m known around campus (and have been for years) as a guy you can hit up for something you wouldn’t necessarily want to do with your boyfriend or the guy you plan to marry. I mean there are some things a girl needs that she just can’t have her husband-to-be thinking she’s got experience doing.

She hit me on chat late last Sunday night and right away the conversation swerved toward something involving discipline. Pulling hair, handcuffs, light bondage…and spanking. I didn’t know it at the time, but Elizabeth wanted to be spanked – she didn’t know quite how to ask for it.

Monday came and I enjoyed the company of a salesperson in from Charlotte. She was in town for two nights and posted on the Craig’s List Casual Encounters bulletin board. The title read “NSA Wanted for drinks in Charlottesville 7/23-7/24” – No Strings Attached baby – how sweet is that term? She needed a few drinks at Applebee’s and some live wordplay to get her nerve up, but once she made her mind up it was all I could do to keep up with her. Later that night I chatted up a bored chick working the night shift at Taco Bell and at 2:30 in the morning I had her bent over the manager’s desk in the back room.

Tuesday I had to work all day in Richmond so it was a little iffy until I hit the Starbucks over on Willow Lawn and found a housewife online looking for any kind of a distraction. I invited her over for coffee figuring I’d plant a seed for some future date, but as soon as we exchanged pics she gave up her address. By six o’clock I was promising her I’d stay in touch and back on the road to Charlottesville where I was hoping to hook up with Elizabeth. I’d been seeing her online off and on since Sunday night. We’d exchanged pictures and we were still chatting it up so I knew it was just a matter of time, but she was still too busy or too nervous to commit. I knew if she decided to pull the trigger I had to be close to home.

Wednesday is a weird night in Charlottesville. There are places where you can have a good night out, but if you pick the wrong bar, you’re spending the evening drinking alone. I found a group of swingers online (albeit a small group in this town!) and Wednesday night is their night out, but they move from place to place so as not to arouse too much scrutiny. I checked my email and saw they were hitting the South Street Brewery. I invited Elizabeth to join me for a drink, but didn’t fill her in on the theme of the gathering.

She showed up right on time and was even cuter than the photo. My friends in the group all have the same middle name – Discreet – so it wasn’t like everybody jumped the poor kid. And know this – Elizabeth is a kid. A consenting adult at twenty-two, she’s still half my age. We had a few beers and sparred a few rounds on the subject of discipline again. This time though we mixed up the dialogue with some laughter and some high quality eye and body contact. I didn’t push her though and we ended the evening with a textbook perfect kiss when I walked her back to her car.

Thursday I got hit by the perfect storm of casual internet sex.

I’d been working a paralegal on the staff at UVA for about a month off and on. She didn’t know me and wasn’t aware of my reputation with the student body so I considered her a longer term proposition.

A colleague of my sister Jean had taken a position with IBM in Germany about a year ago. At first she spent a lot of time alone in her apartment and was begging everyone for email so Jean hooked us up via email. We’d struck up a VERY honest relationship as she grew more accustomed to living and loving there so she knew in some detail, my sexploits back here in Charlottesville.

Lastly, my childhood buddy, Eric was coming up from Richmond to stay with me for the night and had made arrangements for us to hit happy hour with some babes from Virginia Electronic Components, a customer of his.

I wound up having the paralegal for lunch, the girl from VEC for dinner and got a surprise call from the IBM chick when she hit town at 11:00 pm fresh in from the drive down from Dulles. By the time she hit my couch she was so worked up she could have slid across the kitchen floor. By six o’clock this morning she was on her way to Richmond. I think I’d managed to sleep about an hour so I crashed hard when she left, waking about noon.

I wasn’t on AOL thirty seconds when Elizabeth hit me.

PartyDiva: hey! where ya been?!
Roadrunnr: still shakin out the cobwebs honey
PartyDiva: need some help???

I reached for my package to see if it would protest but found my willy willing.

Roadrunnr: what’d you have in mind
PartyDiva: i can’t stop thinking about that kiss the other night. i could go for some more of that!!!

The kiss is a lost art. I couldn’t help but pat myself on the back. I kiss a woman as if it’s the only thing we’re going to do.

Roadrunnr: you want to meet for lunch
PartyDiva: how about I bring over a pizza and a six pack and we spend the afternoon hanging out
Roadrunnr: pepperoni for me. you pick the beer but make it a 12 pak

She just left at eleven, her perfect soccer player butt a warm shade of cranberry red. I’d give more details but I’m exhausted, a little drunk and I’m coaching a softball game on campus in the morning.

I’ll be back in a few days.

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